The WagPride Dog Wash Station

Our WagPride Dog Wash is a hands-on, state-of-the-art experience that everyone enjoys!

Only $10 for 10 minutes to experience a new kind of clean, with towels at the ready and all you need to primp your pup.


No more bending and hurting your back with at-home washes.


Shampoo comes right from the hose along with temperature-controlled water. Blow dryer heat settings keep dogs comfortable and safe.


Keep your bathroom tidy and hair-free with our state-of-the-art station.

As dog owners ourselves, we want the best care for our pets from puppyhood to their sunset years. We have nursed our own pups through health crises, and we know how good it feels to take care of them like family. Stay up on our current and future service offerings for your companions.

Join our Wag Pride Community – the process is a walk in the (dog) park!