Aqua Santa Nylon Ribbon Pet Leash

125-039 1004
Made of durable nylon with a high quality ribbon overlay.
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Brand: Mirage

How are fish different from dogs? Besides many obvious answers, fish are content to swim in circles around their bowl or aquarium all day, every day. Dogs can spend many happy years in the same home, but they yearn for at least a few moments outdoors. This is why taking them out for walks is so important. They need the chance to stretch their legs, feel the sunlight, and get some exercise in. (The fact that they do their business outside is also worth noting.)

Even so, pet owners can take them out of the house on their own terms. Dog collars and leashes assure that the owner remains in control. They should be strong enough that dog teeth and other things cannot easily rip them. Additionally, and more importantly for the canine's own comfort, they should feel good to wear and not get in their way.
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