Fabdog Champagne Flute Bendie Dog Toy

Fabtough™ Crunch Toys: Captivating Crinkle for Canine Play.
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Brand: fabdog

Crunch, Crinkle, Captivate: The Ultimate Toy for Your Dog's Delight!

Every dog owner knows the allure of crunchy items, from the innocent water bottles to the treasured newspapers, and unfortunately, sometimes those beloved shoes. Dogs simply love the satisfying crunch and crinkle! Understanding this canine craving, we've crafted the ultimate solution to divert their attention.

Our toys are designed to replicate that irresistible crinkle and crunch sensation. When flexed from side to side, they emit sounds that are sure to catch and retain your dog's interest, making playtime more engaging and less destructive.

But it's not just about fun and games. Safety and durability are paramount. Thanks to our cutting-edge fabtough™ technology, these toys are armed with a reinforced nylon lining. This ensures they stand up to the enthusiastic play of even the most spirited pups. Now, play sessions can be both entertaining and enduring!

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