Geometric Design Textured Ball Chew Dog Toy

Unleash Playtime Excitement: The Geo Ball - More Than Just a Toy!
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Brand: Jojo Modern Pets

Introducing the extraordinary Geo Ball – this is no ordinary dog ball! Manufactured from 100% recyclable rubber, the Geo Ball ensures oodles of entertainment and unparalleled durability. Engineered to engage your dog's innate hunting instincts, the air squeaker emits a captivating sound upon squeezing or chomping, minus the traditional squeak.

The ball's surface is adorned with intriguing shapes and angles, causing an unpredictable bounce that agile dogs will find immensely entertaining.

For smaller to medium-sized dogs, the 2.5-inch ball is an ideal fit, while the 3.5-inch version caters to larger mouths and medium to large dogs.

Each Geo Ball comes retail-ready with a backcard/hangtag for effortless display, ensuring a quick setup for showcasing.

Please note, these are not suitable for children.

According to the five-factor toy test, a dog requires toys that fulfill at least seven factors from the following list. This remarkable toy satisfies two of those criteria: Chewing and Fetching, and excels with a durability rating of 5/5.

Does your dog:

  1. Chew it? ✅
  2. Tug it?
  3. Fetch it? ✅
  4. Interact with it?
  5. Find comfort with it?

Give your furry friend the joy of the Geo Ball – a playtime companion that goes beyond the ordinary.

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