Kate & Milo Holiday Pawprints Ornament

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Brand: Pearhead

Kate & Milo White Pawprints Christmas Ornament is ideal for families who treat their pets as part of the family. The Kate & Milo Paw Prints Christmas Ornament is an adorable memento that's ready for you to customize with your pet's paw print. The Paw prints Christmas Ornament is simple to use as well. This pet ornament includes everything you need to make paw impressions for your cat or dog.

You'll receive a no-mess impression clay, a rolling pin, a plastic hole punch and shaping ring, along with a red grosgrain ribbon for use as a decoration. The clay boasts a non-toxic, pet-safe formula that's ready mold and shape with a cute little paw print front and center.


  1. For best paw print make sure pet is exercised and calm.
  2. Have treats on hand to reward good behavior.
  3. Use rolling pin to desired thickness.
  4. Gently yet firmly press pet's paw into the impression clay.
  5. Cut, shape and punch a hole for the ribbon, allow ornament to dry before hanging.

You're ready to proudly display your unique pet keepsake. Make sure to gift this pet keepsake to any pet lover in your life. We also know this charming pet memento makes a great holiday gift, Christmas gift or birthday gift.

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