Me and My Pet Drinking Set - Alarm Clock

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Brand: Pearhead

Hair of the dog! Pearhead’s Me and my pet drinking set is the perfect gift for any pet lover and their dog!

This adorable gift set includes one beer glass and one pet toy. The canvas pet toy is great for small to medium sized dogs. It includes a squeaker and is lined with a thick piping material ensuring your dog won’t break through it- at least not right away!

The canvas beer glass toy shows the beer glass Full on the front of the toy and the back of toy shows the beer glass half full. It’s like your pup enjoyed their beer with you! This toy also includes a rope for your pup to chew on and play tug-o-war with. The beer glass included holds 16 oz of wine, a full beer and then some! The beer glass is screen printed on the front with the very cute phrase “hair of the dog.

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