Plastic Pet Food Container

Effortless Food Storage: Freshness, Convenience, and Organization Combined
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Brand: Jojo Modern Pets
Introducing the ultimate convenience in pet food storage: an efficient and effortless solution for pet owners. Crafted from BPA-free plastic, this rolling container is designed to accommodate up to 35lbs of food or litter with ease.
Say goodbye to the struggle of maneuvering heavy food bags within limited spaces. This storage marvel is constructed from premium, food-grade transparent plastic, topped with an airtight lid. Its impeccable design ensures food remains fresh while keeping pests and contaminants at bay. The lid opens with a simple one-handed motion, revealing a spacious opening for seamless scooping.
Cleaning is a breeze, and its stain-resistant properties ensure it maintains its pristine appearance over time. The handy food meter printed on the side serves as a reminder for replenishment.
Effortlessly navigate tight spaces with the convenience of two back wheels.
Height: 17.7 inches
Width: 10.8 inches

Length: 14.4 inches

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