Tropiclean Enticers Teeth Cleaning Gel & Kong Dental Ball For Dogs

Dental Care and Fun Combined
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Brand: Tropiclean

Elevate your dog's dental care routine with the TropiClean Enticers and Kong Dental Ball Kit. This kit combines the best in dental hygiene and playtime, ensuring your dog's teeth and gums stay healthy.

KONG Dental Ball

The KONG Squeezz Dental Ball is designed with a unique flexible texture that rewards appropriate chewing. Made from flexible material, it engages your dog's natural instincts for added fun. You can even stuff it with treats or kibble to extend playtime. The nubs on the ball clean teeth while helping keep breath fresh, and the smoked beef brisket flavor gel adds extra delight.

Teeth Cleaning

Gel As a dental tool, the KONG Dental Ball comes with a tube of teeth cleaning gel. This gel is a game-changer in maintaining your dog's oral health. It not only provides entertainment but also promotes clean teeth and fresh breath.

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Invest in your dog's dental health and playtime happiness with the TropiClean Enticers and Kong Dental Ball Kit for Dogs. Order now and let your dog enjoy both dental care and playtime.

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