Waikiki Eco-Fabric Mattress Dog Bed

Sleep in Sustainable Style: The Waikiki Mattress Bed Experience
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Brand: JoJo Modern Pets

Indulge your pet in the luxury and style of our Waikiki mattress bed – a testament to artisan craftsmanship. Elegantly designed to suit the aesthetics of modern homes and cater to discerning dogs, this premium mattress marries environmental responsibility with uncompromised comfort and resilience. With its foundation in recycled fibers, this bed not only ensures restful nights for your furry companion but also champions a sustainable lifestyle by reducing the carbon pawprint of conventional dog beds.

Available Dimensions:

  • Small: 19.6"x31.5"x4"
  • Medium: 23.6"x39.4"x4"

Fabric Composition: Premium Duratex Fabric

Why Our Waikiki Dog Bed Stands Out:

  • Conscious Crafting: We've incorporated eco-friendly practices by utilizing repurposed t-shirts and recycled elements. These materials not only prevent further landfill waste but also breathe new life into discarded items.
  • Built to Last: Using state-of-the-art Duratex fabric, we've crafted beds robust enough to endure the wear and tear from even the most spirited of pets.
  • Maintenance Made Simple: Cleanliness is a breeze with our user-friendly design – machine wash or a gentle hand soak ensures your pet's haven remains fresh and inviting.

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