Make Room to Groom

A healthy pet is a happy pet—for life!

More than ever, we humans are learning how important it is to establish preventative care and wellness routines to fight off viruses and prevent chronic pain and lifestyle diseases. Our healthy pets deserve no less, and we can give them so much more.

Take Your Vitamins

The right mix of vitamins and supplements can mean the difference between a silky coat and a tangled mane, between smooth digestion and daily hairballs, or between strong, healthy joints and early onset arthritis. When pets are our people, we need them to stay happy and healthy for a long time. Plus, who needs a vet bill later when a vitamin can make the difference now? Check out WagPride’s upscale, easy-to-administer lines of vitamins and supplements.

When You Look Good, You Feel Great

And nothing feels better than getting your hair and nails done. WagPride has a state-of-the-art dog wash station in our Wilton Manors store, but we highly recommend investing in quality hair brushes, nail trimmers, and scratch pads to keep coats clear of tangles and nails a comfortable length for your pet. You should brush your dog every couple of days to remove loose hair, dead skin cells and stimulate your dog’s circulatory system. Plus, brushing is a great way to calm your pup down at night and bond with your pet. Many cats also appreciate brushing, and they benefit from it in the same way dogs do. You may have to try different brushes or approaches to brushing before your pet is comfortable, but it’s worth the time to find the right fit as it will result in years of comfort and cuddles.

Nail trimming, on the other paw, is a task neither pets nor their owners seem to relish. However, it’s an essential part of pet health. A nail trimmer needs to be easy for you to use and sharp enough to ensure a quick and pain-free experience for your pet. Many nail trimmers have safety guards to protect the human from overcutting and have ergonomic handles for comfort. Scratchpads and nail files for both dogs and cats can be helpful in between pet-icures when nails need a little softening around the edges.

Find a variety of brushes and trimmers for all pets at our online store.

Whole-Body Health Starts in the Mouth

Tooth disease and other problems affecting pets can be detected during routine dental checkups—just like their owners! Between dental visits, pet parents need to care for their companion’s teeth with high-quality products. According to the Animal Humane Society, “Regular teeth cleaning will save you vet expenses and eliminate the stress of having your dog anesthetized for cleaning procedures. Dogs can suffer from many of the same dental problems as humans (i.e., cavities, gum disease, tartar buildup, etc.). Bacteria from gum disease can get in your dog’s bloodstream, causing other health problems.” And the same, unfortunately, goes for cats.

The key to a successful brushing routine is patience and persistence, plus products that work for both the pets and their parents. Start slow, even just by sitting with your pet in a calm moment and stroking their jaw and face. Try using a finger wrapped in gauze to rub along their teeth and gum line. Slowly work up to a finger brush or ergonomic toothbrush and fresh-tasting tooth gel. Pretty soon, your pet will look forward to your time together taking care of their mouth and teeth.

Never use human products in your pet’s mouth. Peruse WagPride’s dental health products made especially for dogs and cats.

Make room for a grooming and wellness routine, and your pet will thank you for it—Shop WagPride for a premier selection of the top-rated products in pet care.