About us


Welcome to our story


We're Lidi, Lua, and Dobby, the dynamic trio behind Wagpride! With Dobby leading the pack as our official CEO, he provides invaluable insights and drives our business strategy.

We are originally from Brazil - where we met and, as real lesbians, moved together in 2 weeks in 2017. Since then, we traveled around the world, lived in 3 different countries and connected with people from all walks of life.

Contrary to the belief that "opposites attract," we're actually peas in the same pod. And we have always had the dream to do something meaningful to our community and, who knows - to the world.

WagPride is being built with pets and their hoomans in mind, and we paw-mise to use our paw-ers for the good of the community we serve. As we embark on this journey, we're dedicated to facilitating pet adoptions, supporting small business, and fostering a welcoming and diverse environment for pet owners united in making the world a better place. One wag at a time!